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While the latest Android and Windows 8 smartphones are already on their way to fame and acceptance from consumers with their features such as bigger screen sizes, larger amount of display pixels, 4G LTE, fast WiFi connection and bigger dimension, Apple has kept themselves complacent for quite some time in joining the bandwagon and settled with what they have to offer with their iPhone 4s.

But behind this seemingly untroubled stance, Apple has been brewing something that will turn down even the Android and Windows 8 flagship phones.

And people are already getting a lot of ideas on what iPhone 5 will look like, the new features that it will have and the major changes that will take place with the new iOS phone, with the rumours that has been circulating for months, weeks and even just a few days before the launch.

After Apple themselves unveiled the iPhone 5 barely a week ago at a media event in San Francisco, consumers as well as competitors were able to get hold of what the iPhone 5 has to offer.

Some may be taken as mere improvements from its predecessor, the iPhone 4s while some are deemed as breakthroughs from the past iPhone’s historical features. On the other hand, some features may be regarded as something that will enable the iPhone 5 to finally keep up with their fiercest competitors in the smartphone arena.

Here are the features that other flagship smartphones already had for quite some time which Apple has managed to include recently in their iPhone 5.


This technology is already a bit overdue for the iPhone 5. How late are they? Other smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S III are already bragging about this technology to the public and iPhone enthusiasts were hoping for this technology with the iPhone 4S. It’s a good thing that Apple finally included this in iPhone 5.

4-Inch Screen

Considering that the other smartphones are already having diagonal screen sizes of 4.5 to even more than 5 inches, iPhone 5’s 4-inch screen may not even be at par with its Android and Windows 8 smartphone competitors.

However, considering that this is already coming from Apple’s historical 3.5 inch diagonal screen size for all its previous iPhones, people may regard iPhone 5’s 4 inch screen size as a breakthrough.

Besides, with its 1136 x 640 pixels resulting to a vibrant 326 ppi pixel density for its Retina display, iPhone 5 owners and spectators will be impressed with its screen, even if compared with other smartphones’ bigger display.

Passbook Digital Wallet and Payment System

In this high-tech era, people can make use of certain innovations that can make life easier and among which are the digital wallet systems that most smartphones have these days. Android has the Google Wallet while Windows Phone 8 will be having the Wallet Hub but these two digital wallet and payment systems will be dependent upon the NFC technology.

Right now, we have yet to wait for at least, the major merchants to have their own device where the Android or Windows Phone 8 device will be tapped with to proceed with the Google Wallet or Wallet Hub transaction. iPhone 5’s Passbook on the other hand, is software based and users simply need an internet connection to carry out the transaction.

Final Words

These features are among those that Android or Windows 8 phones should find themselves worried about but certainly, there are more iPhone 5 features that consumers will be amazed with such as the more powerful A6 chip, faster WiFi for high speed internet connection, more convenient dimension, lighter weight, turn by turn navigation for the Maps app, panorama mode and faster shutter speed for the rear camera, simultaneous image capture and HD video recording, and much more.

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