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Create a Social Media Persona

The social media world provides a number of opportunities for businesses to reach others in order to increase their brand visibility and ultimately increase sales and profits.

A quick fire social media marketing campaign will provide a surge of new customers if done correctly, however the account won’t be able to sustain this. In order for your business to enjoy continued success in the social media world, a persona needs to be created and maintained.

Why is Creating a Persona Important?

The world of social media is, as its name suggests, a social experience. Social media account holders are real people and, more often than not are there to connect with others and enjoy some social time. The key to interacting with other users is for them to know who they are tweeting or “talking” to and to be able to feel that they can connect or identify with them in some way.

It is difficult to identify with a brand name, therefore building an impression of a person that people may feel comfortable chatting with and want to know more about makes the interaction more successful.

How Do I Create a Persona Online?

Creating a persona that people can identify and which works alongside your brand is not the easiest of marketing task, however it is essential for the success of your social media marketing.

First and foremost you must be consistent. Regardless of who or what your online persona turns out to be, it is essential that the message and tone used throughout any interactions is consistent.

Where a large brand might have more than one person run the social media account, measures need to be put in place to ensure that everyone that contributes to the account knows and understands the message that the brand wants to put in place. Occasionally, where it is obvious that more than one person is tweeting or updating for the account, users identify themselves by their initials so that followers are sure who they are talking to.

Ensure that you have a visual persona that people can associate with the brand name. A face is always the best avatar or profile picture to have as it is easier to identify with a person rather than a logo, however if this isn’t possible, make your logo recognisable.

Create a geographical centre for your persona. If your business is a national business choose a centre for people to associate with you. This may be the home of the main offices, or another key area. Being about to put a name, face and place together further adds to the online presence a persona has and how easy they are to connect with.

Above all, be open, honest and genuine. Online users can sense fake sincerity and they want to interact with people, not media-savvy taglines. Create the persona, know the persona and adopt the persona so that when online people will want to talk to you, share your information and advertise your brand for you.

About the Author: Eva Day has been working in the SEO industry for 5 years and recommends using the company KPI.