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Is your Android performance starting to drop? If so, don’t sweat over the issue, here are some tips, which could get your Android phone back on track.

Android is a revolutionary mobile operating system that has cemented Google’s status as a global technology company. Android is also the flagship software of the Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of handset manufacturing and communication technology development companies.

It is estimated that about 54% of the world’s smartphones operate on the revolutionary Android mobile operating platform. The striking feature of an Android powered device is that its functionality can be extended with the help of applications called apps; there are more than 500,000 apps available for download at the Google Play app store.

Google’s Android is available in different versions, the first version was the Cupcake and the most recent version is the Jelly Bean. Despite Android’s multipotent property, there have been reports from several sources that the performance of the Android operating system is wilting.

If you face such a scenario, stop mulling over it and contemplate on the following tips to keep your Android powered device up and running always. Android’s performance is severely dented by apps which run in the background; these apps consume a lot of battery power and other phone resources.

So the next time you switch on your Android device, make sure you kill all the background apps that are of no use to you. There are a lot of free apps available at the Google Play app store, which takes over the job of killing unwanted background apps.

Apps are there to fulfill a specific purpose, but in turn they also abate the performance of your phone. The main reason for this is the use of an outdated version of an app. So, always check for an updated version of an app at the Android app store.

Most of us are of the notion that only apps run in the background, but social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace also run in the background constantly, downloading feeds to make sure that when you login to your account, all the information is up-to-date. To stop this from happening, open the settings app and deselect the background data option.

As Android is wholly owned by Google, all Android powered devices by default include Google services such as YouTube, Documents, Gmail, and Google+, among others. Again, use these services based on your requirement, and turn off the services that least matter to you.

Above all, try defragging your phone’s RAM, which could help in supercharging the performance of your Android powered device. Try downloading the Memory Booster app, which not only defrags the RAM but also mends damaged apps.

I hope these suggestions and tips would help you in getting the best out of your Android powered device.

About the Author: This is a guest post by Samantha Kirk of mytechhelp.com, a site that offers savings and current information on remote tech support.