Well-developed websites are the trend today as the whole world say that 2015 is modernized. Websites are competing by means of content and designs. Some websites which the users are not so familiar with, are having difficulties in recreating and developing their sites for the sake of business or even just for fun.

Web design is a process of creation; has the intention of presenting the content on electronic web pages, which the end-users can access through the internet with the help of a web browser.

Recognizable patterns seem to reappear time by time which are known as popular design techniques or design trends.

Modern web designers gain recognition for fascinating design trends. New designers and developers can learn a lot by crafting websites around these trends – but no matter what your skill level there’s always something to learn by studying the most favored qualities of website layouts.

1. Large Background Images



Stock photos still play a major role in digital communication, whether it’s an eCommerce store, portfolio or blog. People usually use photos and images to engage more users and illustrate the message they are sending. The web has been suffering from cheesy and fake looking stock photography with super happy people wearing perfect smiles and suits for such a long time.

2. Video Background



Videos are real life experience because of the 3D graphics and HD quality. Websites generally are storytelling tools and storytelling can be more effective when visuals and motion are involved. This means that the ideas and emotions can be easily transferred to the visitor. Businesses often implement video in their websites.

The downside of this rage, however, is extended load time. A lot of websites solve this difficulty by beautifully designed loading screens but it doesn’t change the fact that people still have to wait for the full experience to load.

3. Personal Branding



Personal branding centers the job by aligning the vision and mission so you are perceived as you’d like to be instead of people speculating and having different opinions about you.

4. Mobile First Websites

Web usage patterns are changing and statistics cannot be ignored if you want to succeed in today’s market. For every third website visitor, uses a mobile device and websites that do not offer mobile optimized versions are causing an unpleasant experience and eventually losses money as users tend to abandon the website if it doesn’t render well on mobile device.

Adopt a mobile first approach when designing or redesigning your website to ensure that you maximize your potential and reach more of your target audience. This means you have to be concise, focus on the content and performance which takes advantage of up-to-the-minute features, such as mobility, GPS, touch screen and more, that desktops lack. In 2015, we’ll be seeing the continuous growth of mobile web design development and spectacular innovations based on the ever changing market behavior.

5. Modular Design


Modular or grid based design, also known as cards or tiles design approach, is not new in the web design scene, but it started to get more traction as it is reusable and very responsive-friendly with the tiles stack nicely on different screens and form a flexible layout that looks nice and clean on any screen size.

Web design is now more in demand than before, and a good designer should be able to deliver based on current trends and best practices. By discovering what’s hip, you’ll grasp how to craft websites based on the needs of your clients and the needs of the design industry as a whole.